We felt inspired to share with you a wonderful insight into the world of one of our lovely Bespoke members Lindsay Robertson Photography and her journey through the bespoke programme and how it has changed her life forever …


What influence did travel have on building your dreams?
I have been extremely lucky to take breaks in my career and backpack through 5 different continents. Travel was a passion that ignited my senses and opened my eyes to everything the world has to offer. Photography was the one constant throughout all my travels and every day provided a new scene to capture or moment to document, it allowed me to see every detail through very different eyes. Travelling became an escape for me, from a corporate lifestyle I craved to change. I thought each adventure would bring me closer to happiness and reflecting back now it did, as it allowed me to identify that photography was where my future and true happiness lay.


What has travelling and adventure taught you?
I have always been a very adventurous person and travelling reignited that passion within me. Whether it be running the London Marathon, Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro or swimming a section across the top of Victoria Falls to sit on a natural pool at the edge (I am not a confident swimmer!), my adventures have taught me that anything is possible! When you set your heart on a goal and invest everything you have in achieving that dream, with a lot of determination and will power you can achieve anything.


How has the Bespoke programme helped the development of your business?
Bespoke has allowed me to get things right first time around, it has fast tracked me to success, quicker than I ever imagined possible. The insight and advice received from some of the industry’s leading photographers and the fabulous team at Aspire is an amazing resource to have at your fingertips as you develop every aspect of your business. The support network you develop throughout this amazing journey is one of the best you could ever hope for.


If you could sum up Jane’s role in your business - how would you?
I like to think of Jane as the guardian angel in the development of my business, providing advice and guidance at every turn. We have spent hours over the last year chatting through the best direction and options for my business, refining brand, products and marketing materials to ensure everything that represents my business is in line with my overall vision for the business. Above all Jane is always there to pick you up in a moment of self doubt and send you off in the right direction with renewed enthusiasm and confidence.


Why was becoming a photographer so important to you?
Photography has been a passion of mine for so long and the one aspect of my life that gives me immense personal satisfaction. Photography doesn’t feel like work, every aspect of my business is enjoyable as I am very passionate about what I do. To be able to create a career that I love is amazing but to be able to capture memories that will be treasured for a lifetime by every client is truly special. I can honestly say I love every day and every photo shoot, to me that’s what your working life should feel like.


What has the Bespoke programme given you, what were the surprises?
The bespoke programme has given me self-belief to go confidently in the direction of my dreams. It has given me a valuable insight into the photography industry and how to carve out my own place in this amazing industry. Bespoke has given me a fabulous support network, I can honestly say I have made some lifelong friends, who are amazingly talented and the most fantastic individuals. At the start of Bespoke I wrote down my dreams for where I wanted to be one year on at the end of the programme and I achieved every single one of them!


The Bespoke Programme is filled with surprises at every turn. What an amazing year of self discovery and development, shared with the most amazing people who are brought together by their love of photography and their passion to turn this into successful career. When Catherine told us on Day 1 we would need to bring tissues for our last day of Bespoke I laughed and did so even on that very morning… oh how wrong could I be! To witness how far everyone’s businesses have come within such a short space of time is truly inspiring and the fact that it means so much to everyone is even more touching, lets just say the tears of happiness are an inevitable part of your final day on the bespoke journey!


What advice would you give to those about to start their programme?
Don’t underestimate that this next year has the potential to be completely life changing and that with a lot of passion, determination and hard work you can achieve whatever you set your heart on. Spend time creating a vision for yourself and the business as this will be what guides you to your end destination. Visualise your goals and the business you want to create at every step of your journey and in every decision you take, as this will ensure you create the business of your dreams. Above all believe in yourself and be proud of what you achieve, no matter how small, each step you take is in the right direction and I truly believe that your dreams, hopes and ambitions are within reach.

Lindsay x

Interview with Lindsay Robertson Photography


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