Who or what is currently inspiring your business? All businesses need attention, love and nurturing. They simply do not develop when left alone, as you know I am a ‘leave nothing to chance’ kind of girl. Leave nothing to chance has become my motto, guideline and a big part of my daily routine, my motive in mentioning the motto is driven by my desire to inspire!

Inspiring your own business is the best job in town when you really embrace the ‘how?’. Always begin with the original vision that you had for the business, gaining clarity of direction is a real peace marker for the mind, knowing what you are aiming to develop each day will  give you a good level of focus.  A lack of clarity and direction can be unsettling for many creative thinkers. Even though creatives enjoy a world of freedom they also need a world full of plans, strategy and goals to perform.  Gift your business with a vision, a plan, a strategy - label it as you like, design the plan in the manner that inspires you the most from mood boards to visual mind maps, what matters the most is not how it looks or what format it’s in, as long as it inspires you, is in a format that you relate too. Make this your mission, don’t be tempted to enter a year without a vision and a plan, all those in business need to know what  you need to achieve and do each day. It’s so hard to develop without your glorious plan. (And indeed make sure it is glorious!)

Implement a sprinkle of fairy dusk over the main areas which are your intentional drivers:





Customer Service

Your intentional drivers need inspiration, consider what should be within each element as these are the core ingredients that will influence your growth. All  areas need your attention, naturally you will love the product the most, and so you should, but we can’t neglect the other elements as they might neglect us! We have to give everything equal attention. Place your business under the microscope , what can you see that needs urgent attention?  If you are unsure and you are finding the answers hard, then ask us here at Aspire to place your business under our mentoring microscope, our role is to inspire you or help you find out how to do all the things we suggest. You are not alone.

Being in business is all about the clients, serving the clients, loving your clients - attracting the right client in the first place is the key and will be the secret to your success. It’s all about attracting clients that understand you and appreciate what you do. If you are going to inspire your tribe, you have to understand them first, that way you will know how to inspire them. Showering your clients with affection is important; discover the type of affection they seek from you, what guise of affection is required? This is not about deals or discounts, this is all about inspiring, good customer service and exceeding expectations, nothing compares!  Knowing your clients well will have a huge influence over how you market, where you market and what your present. You are “Inspiring Your Business “

Many ingredients contribute to success, it’s never one thing that builds a business, it’s a collaboration of things, actions and activity. The essentials to get right are :

You - what you do.

The brand - how you present the business.

The vision - don’t travel blind.

The marketing plan - we all need a strategy.

Sales process - you need to earn a living.

Sales tools - you need to inspire the tribe.

A professional product and experience - a mile away from what the consumer could achieve themselves.

Your business will be the most rewarding business it can be if you give it everything it needs. All businesses need guidance, nurturing and time. Devote time to your business this season, you are never alone, if you feel alone join me, our courses range from our Business Retreat to our Bespoke programmes and others online. But don’t be alone.

Happy Season Catherine x

Image by: Phil Barber


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