In her own words, Jessica Davies shares how the 12 Month Online Programme has transformed her business

Since the day I attended Aspire’s complimentary open day, I have felt the enormous relief and comfort that comes from having an epic support network for my business. Having experienced both wedding styled shoots and, currently, the 12 month online business mentoring programme, I have found that Catherine and the Aspire team deliver consistently pertinent, savvy business advice, mixed with a genuine sense of warmth and some wicked humour!
The styled wedding shoots have been an opportunity to experiment and explore my own sense of style, as well as a safe space to play with new photographic mediums. This experience gave me the confidence to make some incredible industry relationships and to plan and deliver my own editorial shoots which have gone on to publication on blogs including Whimsical Wonderland Weddings and The English Wedding Blog. The imagery from the Aspire shoots elevated my portfolio in a way which has allowed me to attract ideal clients and book multiple 2017 weddings in some of the UK’s most beautiful venues.
The 12 month online business mentoring, which I began in May this year, has been transformational to the growth of my business. With encouragement and challenge, delivered in equal measure by both Catherine and Jen, I have been able to entirely rebrand my wedding photography business to attract my ideal clients. I am on course to reach, or surpass, every one of my goals for the year. As a creative, I have always found the ‘business’ side of photography incredibly uninspiring, but Aspire have shown me that creative fulfilment and financial reward are not mutually exclusive and that, in fact, one begets the other. Thanks to Aspire, and a lot of hard work, last month I was able to exceed my monthly earnings from my previous career as a deputy head teacher -something I would never have dreamed possible a year ago!

For anyone considering taking their photography journey to the next level, I cannot recommend Aspire highly enough. Be prepared to work hard, to reflect deeply and to commit to your vision. In return, the Aspire team will be your biggest supporters, will come to feel like family and will start the journey towards elevating your business beyond your wildest dreams.


Words and Image by Jessica Davies

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