The Aspire Photography Training #5daymarketingchallenge has secured a position in my business heart already and it’s not even a week old. My motive behind launching the #5daymarketingchallenge was to encourage photographers, instil business confidence and promote marketing activity all whilst uniting our photography industry. The Aspire gang is totally inspired by all that is unfolding within the industry in the first 5 days of this challenge on our Facebook and twitter pages.



Our “photography world ” as I call it, is packed with inspirational photographers who I meet daily through lecturing and our educational courses. All have lots in common and the word marketing consistently comes into the conversation; how do I successfully market my business?



Start this week by finding your business voice. When possible speak about your business and bring your business into every conversation you can. Become the trigger of opportunity; your business needs you to become louder. This is not about being a business bore - this is about inspiring people! Share your passion for photography with others.



Think about your ideal product or service leading up to Christmas, what should you be raving about? Pick your product of the week!



One of the biggest challenges all photographers face is marketing and maintaining marketing momentum. Utilise this suggestion, as its role is to maintain your momentum.



My objective is to support all via the Aspire #5daymarketingchallenge and give all Aspire blog readers business suggestions whilst encouraging you to become an “idea thief” then creatively reinvent ideas for yourself.



Photography Marketing tips of the week:


Create a fresh conversation about a specific product that is ideal for the lead up to Christmas.


Develop your method and style; talk about the business daily to strangers and those you meet informally.


Travel with business cards at all times; check out Vision Impress and for ideas.


And finally leave nothing to chance! Time waits for no one!


Catherine x


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