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5th March 2015

1 day photography course £295 + vat

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Expand Your Business - Capture Childhood
Little Rascals: Rural

This course will teach you...

  • Learn how to take stunning natural portraits of children
  • Learn how to become a storyteller through your imagery
  • How to plan and create a wonderful portrait session
  • Ways to direct children without them realising it!
  • Background and wardrobe choices that will really work
  • Tips for capturing the perfect moment
  • How to make your work stand out from the crowd
  • Ways to have fun and let the shoot unfold naturally
  • How to capture key expressions and moments
  • The importance of creating a visual record of childhood
  • How to take your product to market

Proficiency Level: 2 (on a scale of 1-4)

Photography course snapshot

Photographing kids of any age is an exciting prospect, but capturing the kinds of iconic images we’ve all seen in the magazines and on websites like can be both daunting to think of, and frustrating in practice. If you want to create stunning images of kids, make a healthy profit, and enjoy yourself along the way, Little Rascals is for you.

Our March children’s photography course is held in and around the Aspire studio, and follows a beautiful rural theme that makes the most of the wonderful scenery and natural light that abounds in our Lakeland setting. We’ll show you how to design your shoot around your clients’ wardrobes and the locations you’ll be using, demonstrating helpful tips to assist you in the process of directing kids who really aren’t used to being directed!

Throughout this fun and enlightening day, we’ll combine theory-based learning with practical, hands-on tuition, creating a rich learning experience. You’ll become more confident in your own ability to plan and direct a shoot, and with this new self-assurance comes perfect timing, excellent client communication - not to mention increased profits in the marketplace as you create amazing portraits that really capture the spirit of childhood.

Just as you’d expect from an Aspire photography course, the practical shoot will employ stunning styling and props, enabling you to capture images which will be worlds away from those of your competitors. As well as creating a fantastic set of images to expand your portfolio, you’ll gather countless new ideas for your own shoots, and so offer a better service to your clients. Kids’ portrait photography courses come in many shapes and sizes, but Little Rascals really equips you with the skills to break new ground.

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Expand Your Business - Capture Childhood

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