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29th May 2014

1 day photography course £195 + vat

with Catherine Connor and Kerry Hendry

20th August 2014

1 day photography course £195 + vat

with Catherine Connor and Kerry Hendry

6th November 2014

1 day photography course £195 + vat

with Catherine Connor and Kerry Hendry

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Becoming a Storyteller with the Fujifilm X-T1 and X-Pro1

This course will teach you...

  • How to get the best from your camera equipment
  • Ways to maximise your camera’s settings
  • The secrets behind giving your images emotional impact
  • Key composition techniques
  • How to direct people effectively
  • Why your choice of background makes all the difference
  • That there are no boundaries to your work!

Proficiency Level: 2 (on a scale of 1-4)

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Photography course snapshot

Taking portraiture to new levels, this photography training course is the perfect opportunity for anyone who’s passionate about image making and wants to infuse their work with a sense of narrative, time, place and emotion. Over the course of an inspiring day led by Aspire’s Catherine Connor and Kerry Hendry - Fujifilm’s first female X-Series ambassador in the UK - you’ll improve your photography and boost your confidence with the help of the amazing Fuji X-T1 and X-Pro1 camera and the experienced Fujifilm team.

You’ll be learning and shooting in a group alongside like-minded photographers, all at a similar level of skill and knowledge to ensure everyone gets the best out of the day. Throughout the experience, you’ll be encouraged to ask questions of your trainers and develop your knowledge under their expert guidance.

The day begins with a classroom-based learning session at 10am, where you’ll explore photographic theory and the practical necessities behind creating great images. With hands-on experimentation, you’ll discuss your camera’s many settings and learn that exploring beyond your comfort zone can transform your imagery. From ISO and shutter speed to depth of field and aperture, lighting and shading to composition and choice of backgrounds, you’ll cover a huge amount of ground in a short time, and will feel refreshed and ready to put your new knowledge into practice.

At 11.30, you’ll head out for the day’s shoot, which is designed on the theme of “A Midsummer Night” and challenges you to develop your own skills as a photographic storyteller. The stunning surroundings of the Lake District are a fitting backdrop for an unashamedly rich shoot that evokes the magic of portraiture in a way that will warm your heart and inspire you to create beautiful images. Wildflowers, whimsical dresses, rolling meadows, bluebell woods, fairy wings, flags in the wind, bows and arrows, Indian campfires… a thousand different ideas await, and the images you capture will inspire you as well as your clients.

Finally, at around 4pm, you’ll regroup back at Aspire for a final Q&A session with Catherine, Kerry and the Fujifilm team, which will reaffirm everything you’ve learned throughout the day and allow you to share your experiences.

This photography training course is a unique one, allowing you to learn new skills which - while initially focused on portraiture - can be transferred to all areas of your photography. You’ll also have access to some fabulous Fuji equipment which will open your eyes to the infinite possibilities of image capture, and you’ll leave with a wonderful new set of images for your portfolio. It’s sure to be an amazing experience, and there’s so much to discover. Just remember to bring the following items…

  • Wellies or boots - it might get muddy out there!
  • Clothing suitable for all weathers (multiple layers are ideal)
  • Your camera (doesn’t matter whether it’s compact or DSLR) with lenses if you have them. Fujifilm will have plenty of gear for you to try out on the day too
  • Memory cards - you’ll be taking a lot of pictures!
  • Plenty of energy for a fun-packed day
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