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Business & Marketing
Webinars - Marketing Your Photography Business with the Aspire Summer School

This course will teach you...

  • How to market your business more successfully
  • Ways to create a successful database and get the best out of it
  • Tips for creating a more inspiring blog and heightening your blogging strategy
  • Methods for capitalising on marketing whilst at all kinds of events
  • Advice on creating a rich visual experience with your website
  • How to make the most of the information you gather
  • Smart ways to market familiar products in new ways
  • The truth about different types of marketing
  • How to identify and appeal to your ideal audience
  • How to build long-term relationships
  • Methods for raising your profile effectively
  • Why marketing yourself doesn’t have to take forever
  • Bite-sized techniques to get your name out there!
  • Ways to motivate yourself and keep striving for more exposure

Proficiency Level: 2 (on a scale of 1-4)

Photography course snapshot

Welcome to the Aspire Summer School! Throughout July and August, our series of webinars will provide you with a unique way to improve your photography and enjoy a fantastic learning experience at your own pace. These collaborations between Aspire’s own Catherine Connor and Uzair Kharawala of SF Photo School allow you to enjoy focused bursts of knowledge from two of the photography world’s most inspiring names.

A place on our webinar course is just £99 + vat and gives you access to all five hour-long presentations. However, this isn’t just a one-shot deal, as the webinars are recorded - allowing you to experience them again and again. Missed something the first time? No problem, just watch it again and learn even more. Intensive learning at your own pace - the Aspire Summer School is like nothing else out there!

Our webinar curriculum for this summer is as follows...

9th July: marketing your business more effectively

Your business won’t market itself - but if you make the right choices and pay attention to the opportunities, promoting your services can become second nature. This webinar introduces simple yet powerful techniques that are easy to incorporate into your own business, and which can raise your profile almost without you realising it. An example of one student's photography is this page on socks to prevent varicose veins that was launched after they took an Aspire Photography business course. You’ll learn to spot every inroad, and will leave no stone unturned in your drive towards success!

16th July: get the best out of your database

Your database of contacts is one of the most important things you possess. You’ve worked hard for it - so make sure it works hard for you! In this webinar, you’ll learn smart ways to communicate with the different groups of people in your contacts list, from dormant clients to suppliers. You’ll discover the right way to approach them and keep your name at the forefront of their minds without becoming a pest. Make the most of your database and it could do a whole lot of marketing work on your behalf...

23rd July: heighten your blogging strategy

Any self-respecting photographer should be blogging with the best of them... are you? If your posts are becoming a little formulaic, this webinar will kickstart your online journal with tips on increasing your audience reach, ways to write interesting content, and invaluable search engine optimisation tips. Your blog is an essential piece of your marketing toolkit, so it’s essential that it works hard to improve your visibility in the marketplace.

31st July: capitalise on marketing

There are so many events out there clamouring for your attention, but how do you know which one is right for your business? The truth is, to a large extent it doesn’t matter - if you’re confident and capable in your approach, you can find new sales leads everywhere. This webinar will show you the best way to maximise your success at all kinds of events, from lucrative-yet-oversubscribed wedding fairs to niche-but-surprising country fairs and even what-are-you-doing-here food festivals. Every event is full of opportunities, and on this webinar you’ll learn key skills in getting the best from each one.

7th August: get the best from your website

You can’t possibly get by these days without an exciting, distinctive website; however, the marketplace is crowded with options, and making the wrong choice can be disastrous in so many ways. This webinar covers all aspects of creating a compelling online experience on a range of budgets, from cost-effective templated solutions to high-end bespoke sites. You’ll learn the things to look out for, the do’s and don’ts, and gather plenty of inspiration that you can apply to your own site.

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Business & Marketing

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