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21st August 2014

1 day photography course £295 + VAT

with Gemma Lovett-Hume

5th November 2014

1 day photography course £295 + VAT

with Gemma Lovett-Hume

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This course will teach you...

  • How to understand and capture the importance of the client's brief
  • How to capture the essence of a business professionally
  • How to capture a concept of a business
  • How to capture professional business portraits
  • The value of marketing your services to small to medium businesses
  • How to present your portfolio to a business

Proficiency Level: 3 (on a scale of 1-4)

Photography course snapshot

Today’s business leaders want business portraits that are full of character - it’s a challenging niche, but so full of potential, and this course will show you how to capitalise on it. It could be for a chef, a CEO, a personal trainer, or anything else, but this course - presented by Gemma Lovett-Hume - will show you how to photograph the personality of a business professionally. This course will give you a professional portfolio, a range of images which you can use to market your business. Our students have used this specific training to build commercial website pages including mens compression socks | comprogear and compression socks for nurses | comprogear. Gemma Lovett-Hume will give you the ingredients and motivation to get started, inspiring all to master the trick of marketing this service.

A key first step in offering a business portrait service is in identifying your market - who are your clients, and how can you approach them? You'll learn how to make contact with decision makers and sell them the benefits of having a collection of images that represent the essence of their business. By understanding the business itself, and the owner's needs, you can organise the shoot perfectly. Where is the business positioned in the marketplace? How does the client want to use the images? Are they aware of the power of profile pictures on social media sites like LinkedIn? In a nutshell, what are you shooting the images for?

In the first part of the day, you'll meet Gemma and listen to her advice, with a motive to getting started in this sector. You will find out more about how business portraits have become a key part of her business. You'll then take part in an exciting, inspiring shoot with a chosen business, putting your new-found knowledge into practice. Then, after lunch, you'll head to another totally different business where you'll expand your skills and capture even more fabulous portraits for your corporate portfolio. Finally, you'll head back to Aspire for a well-deserved coffee and to discuss the images you've created.

If you're keen to expand your skills into new areas, business portraiture is a key skill to learn and develop. Call now to find out more, and capitalise on a fast-growing new area of photography.

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Expand Your Business - Commercial Portraits

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