Considering converting to the Fujifilm X series as a professional Photographer?

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Are you considering converting to the Fujifilm X series as a professional Photographer? This topic is triggering a great deal of discussion within the industry. Those converting to the X series are creating a real sense of intrigue and discussion, does size really matter? My inspiration behind this blog post is to trigger a additional conversation with our readers. Have you been tempted? Have you converted and why? We are really interested in your thoughts. Please share your observations and considerations, many professionals are taking the leap for others it’s just a step too far out of their comfort zone.



Kerry Hendry is an exceptionally talented photographer; her fine art horse images, landscape and storytelling shots are breathtaking. Kerry captures atmosphere within her images, and as an avid traveller is constantly on the search for adventure. She needs a piece of kit that’s gives her freedom and liberty to shoot, when she wants and how she wants. I’ve worked with Kerry over the years and I’ve seen her slowly but steadily move over to Fuji X series kit. One of her key reasons to do so was that it she felt it actually liberated her photography. Kerry has been a real inspiration to the Aspire Team and those she has taught. What has Kerry’s transition taught us?



Kerry’s advice to those also considering making a change was to acknowledge that this is a big step. Much of the worry originates from what the client will think of a professional photographer using this kit at weddings, commercial contracts and for portraits. Having essentially ‘been there and done that’ Kerry quickly conquered all of these worries. Put simply the benefits out weighed the concerns. How Kerry judges herself is on her images - how they tell a story, how they ‘feel’.



The journey of a professional photographer and those of an enthusiast photographer is different, of course. However, why should there be any compromise on image quality or output? Images produced at our courses shot on the X-series were exceptional- consistently. I had a cheeky peek at the back of Ralph Pearson’s camera on the course, his images where beautiful, the skin tones, light quality and content were a sheer inspiration. The Aspire gang has really fallen for this little fella (the camera, not Ralph, although of course we could fall for him too).



The Becoming a Storyteller with the Fujifilm X-T1 and X-Pro1 seminar has been designed with the pure motive of giving all photographers, from enthusiasts to professionals, the opportunity to investigate whether this is the right move for them photographically. I have witnessed first hand how photographers are responding to this new kit. My first thoughts are why? Why are so many professional photographers considering converting and converting at such speed? It took little time for Kerry to feel reassurance and prepare for a total change. Kevin Mullins -wedding photographer, through to Trevor and Faye Yerbury, Damien Lovegrove and now Tamara Peel are all working professional photographers and using the Fujifilm X-Series kit.

Tamara has been shooting for over two decades professionally. She owns a high-end portrait business that captures commercial and family portraiture. She has been a Canon girl, is still a Canon girl, yet is now seriously considering changing over.


Tamara Peel was totally blown away when she first used the Fujifilm X-T1 she said, “This camera is going to give me the opportunity to change. I am so excited about the impact it is going to have on my next phase of my photography. I know it’s going to have an influence on my creativity and how I shoot”. During a single day Tamara was converted, hooked and determined to make it her mission to leap from being a Canon girl and a Fujifilm X Series kind of gal. That’s the difference, that’s the hook. To try it, and shoot with it in a serious and safe environment makes the change much smoother and immersive. Throughout this blog I’ve tried to answer the question of why are people switching and there are lots of different answers to this straight forward question. However, the easiest way for people to answer it, independently, is to try the kit for themselves. See it, test it, shoot with it, then answer the question yourself.


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