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30th January 2013

Half day photography course £85 + VAT

with Angela Montague

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Social Networking
Master Social Media

This course will teach you...

  • How big the world of social media has become
  • The stories of photographers who’ve harnessed it
  • The right social media platform for you, out of the hundreds to choose from
  • Who to engage with, out of the millions of social media users
  • Why the two pronged attack works
  • What makes the perfect online personality
  • When to sell and when to charm
  • An exciting but short guide to writing exiting sentences
  • Ways to let the bots do the heavy lifting - harvesting fresh content to share
  • How to weave social media into your week

Proficiency Level: 2 through to 3 (on a scale of 1-4)

Photography course snapshot

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest… social media thrives on excellent photography, the picture telling a thousand words. So as a professional photographer, you’re already halfway to being a social media hit. If you could make your social media activity as good as your pictures, you could take on the world… but how?

From the brand essentials of building your reputation, to the financial necessities of bringing in new business through to the SEO strategies of generating more links to your website; social media can work wonders if you know how. Angela Montague does know how - she manages four Facebook pages, five blogs, three Twitter streams and two Instagram accounts.

She does this on behalf of clients voluntarily, and to promote her own business, Push Creativity. In effect, she conducts a social media orchestra, every day. In this seminar Angela will share with you her tried and tested techniques for developing a business using this exciting but complex new tool. How does social media work? How can it work for you? That’s a given for a course like this but she will also cover how to sit down (the very next morning) and get your social media machine up and running with plenty of fuel.

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Social Networking

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