How is your work / life balance? Have you mastered it yet? The first step for all those in business is to create the expectation of how you want to be in business. Have realistic expectations with regard to how you will manage your time and the content of the tasks you have to achieve.  Be strict with yourself - somebody once told me 30% of my time was wasted, once I got over the shock of the statement I gifted myself back 30% of time. If I were to give you 30% of time what would you do with it?

Improve your photography?

Review the business?

Catch up on book keeping?

Finish your postproduction

Have coffee with friends?

Visit your mum?

What would you really do with your treasured time? It’s an important question and your answer will be very telling.

What would you actually do with the gift of time? If time is currently getting the better of you, start the time gaining exercise by revising everything in your diary. Focus on essentials only, cancel all time wasting tasks, jobs or meetings. This can be quite a liberating experience.

This is certainly a method I frequently return to when the going gets tough. It makes you clearer and more focused on what is actually important to the progression of the business, your desired outcomes alongside what is right for your family too. You will find ‘taking ownership’ rather inspiring and a motivational exercise. It is highly recommended. Assess, and if unsure assess again, be firm with yourself, you can’t be a crowd pleaser all the time, just sometimes.

Create your rules:

  1. Only create short lists, long lists have a habit of becoming overwhelming
  2. Become the guardian of your lifestyle
  3. Have an agenda for every month - give each month a purpose
  4. Surround yourself with contributors - other wise known as an excellent team and suppliers
  5. De-clutter your inbox - unsubscribe
  6. Switch off all notifications - nobody needs Twitter that much, surely!
  7. Diary plan carefully
  8. Switch your mobile off when a deep breath is required
  9. Say ‘no’ more than you say ‘yes’ - be selective
  10. Remember It’s your ship - your show!


” Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life ” author unknown

It’s all about finding your ideal; being in business can be the best game in town when you play it your way. Give time to studying how you manage your time and content. Be ready to make mistakes whilst finding your balance, we all make mistakes! Sometimes, I get it so very right, and others times I get it so very wrong! Practice makes perfect. So practice at getting it right. One of the best things I introduced to my daily world was the gratitude diary it certainly encourages reflection each day, makes you smarter when faced with things that hold us back or make us unhappy. Reflect each day on the content of the day, then mentally prepare yourself for the next day ahead. You will slowly discover you are achieving far more, and within the same time frames.

Why is this important to share? The simple fact that if I have 30% more time, I’d rather spend it with my mother, loved ones and friends than doing more admin. Paying attention to what matters in your business and what is simply a distraction which prevents you from doing what you would rather do or being where you would rather be.


Use the phone more and email less, it will cut down the paper trail, saving you a mountain of time wasted and you will find the right solution far faster. It’s also good to talk, build a sociable business.

Remember it’s never too late to change. We are only in the first throes of spring. Be inspired to spring clean your approach to your work / life balance and take control of the content of your life. It’s important you do, as nobody else will repair it for you. Your view of’ ideal’ will come from creating boundaries and sticking to them.

‘Creating a balanced life is all about making the right choices for you and your family too’

This is a dedication to all mummies and certainly mine ~ Grace Connor. Make it your manta to rescue some time this month for our mummies and loved ones of all ages.

By Catherine Connor

Image by Lisa Aldersley


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