Today is about you! The minutes and the moments invested in business are all about you too. Being in business can be a lonely game, a game packed with blind alleys and conflicting viewpoints and opinions.

Start to engage with your gut feelings more, tap into your intuition, trust yourself as you make choices for the business. Many, many years ago I made it my mission to only surround myself with the positive. Positive mindset, personality and action. I would like to encourage you to follow my lead, moulding the landscape of your life very carefully. Place within your worlds, both personal and business, only those that will contribute to your smiles and growth.

Training has become a deep-rooted passion and vocation for me this is my second decade training and mentoring in this industry. Aspire have won Training Provider of the Year for four years, awarded by the industry - Why and how? Because we have a strong commitment, perhaps obsession about the knowledge we deliver and how we present it. Some people have said to me “you are like a machine, you never stop, implementing, innovating…” it’s hard to see yourself in that way. I would simply say I love what I do, it drives me daily, and witnessing the success of others fills me with great joy. Training others is far from easy it requires a selfless act and daily commitment to their ambitions and challenges importantly above all else, that’s why we win. We place ourselves second to those we train.

Learning your way, and in a manner that suits your lifestyle has been a major change for Aspire, as we are ‘people people,’ however I did underestimate just how much I would love teaching online too, the impact it makes on mothers and fathers, and those who cannot travel ~ it has been a game changer. Learning in the evening in the comfort of your home is rather liberating. What is still important to myself though is the connection. I enjoy the company of others; I didn’t want to lose the connection, the relationship and bond we share with those we train. Our online courses have taught us a great deal; one of the biggies is that phone, Skype or what ever method you prefer, it’s still important to talk, to be alongside those you train, to connect. The monthly calls we include in our 12 Month Online Course cement and secure the development and growth of the delegates. What we teach is vital as ‘content is king’ and how we teach affects the learning process yet it is the methods we have now implemented around the learning process that are having the biggest impact on the success of those we mentor and this is a great thrill for me.

Whatever method you choose for your own education, either remotely online or in person in Cumbria at Aspire HQ or occasionally one of our London courses or Italian retreat you have to choose what feels right for you

words by Catherine Connor

Image by Jenny Heyworth

Read what Jessica Davis felt on both, at Aspire and online, totally different learning experiences yet both still vital to your development and growth.

A business transformation!

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