The stylist’s viewpoint, inspired by the beauty of children’s portraits. By Catherine Connor


Photography, as I am sure you will all agree is rather addictive! It is hard to be passive in this industry and it is becoming harder and harder to switch off the creative spirit and imagination.

Whether you’re scrolling through your Instragram feeds or devouring images on Pinterest, our landscape is full of ideas to embrace, adjust and mould into your own. The opportunity and privilege of moulding ideas has become my mind’s distraction, distracting in a good way - it’s liberating and in a way that is placing me permanently at the edge of my comfort zone, the zone of growth. My motive in this share is based from intrigue. We all approach development differently it’s often an inner journey, something rather private, subconscious yet conscious all at the same time. Treasuring this time, the time you have to grow and develop becomes more and more valuable.

Recently I witnessed Jenny Heyworth, Aspire’s resident photographer, unfold our her viewpoint on Fine Art and childhood photography through our Little Rascals workshops. Naturally as her stylist I was interested and engaged. It’s important as a stylist to know your photographer, understand them, appreciate their thoughts, considerations, taste and views, the notes I gathered soon became my treasure which will guide me in my pursuit for perfection.

My interpretations ~ as my mind was wild with ideas as I listened intently


  1. Become your visual judge. Study all that you see through your viewfinder and question whether it’s pleasing to your eye and the eyes of those you shoot for.


  1. Be purposeful - if art is your intention then create photographic art intentionally.


  1. Create a concept that embraces all that is important to you photographically


  1. Utilise the seasons, seasonal landscape changes will be inspirational for the variety of light and colour.


  1. Give backgrounds a role in the image, even though they are often behind the image, they are within the image all at the same time


  1. Knowing the rules and disciplines of photography gives you a deeper insight with regard to which rules to break within a picture


  1. Approach your photography carefully, quality and creativity should never be rushed or compromised.


  1. Post production, Photoshop styles, tonal palettes are as important as your approach to how you style, compose and complete an image.


  1. Collaboration with the parents and grown up children will give all that you achieve far more strength. You hear me speak continually about the’ story, their story. It’s driven by the knowledge which you have gathered prior to a shoot. This is the background which creates the story.


  1. Props and styling have to have a purpose, a role in the image, without ever becoming the image. They have to have relevance. Never allow the props to steal the story. Think of yourself as the director of a play, the characters are all that matters, they are the point whereas the scenery is simply there to enhance.


  1. It’s important to be yourself, be true to you and your brand experience. Photograph what appeals to you


  1. Never stand still - read, visit galleries, watch Aspire, never stop developing. You never know what adventures your photography will unfold ~ that has to be liberating!

Being alongside all that is shared, the learns stolen from the workshop days were so motivating to me as Jenny’s stylist. These are my interpretation, naturally others that shared the experience will have a whole list of differing notes. This too is inspiring as we all see photography differently.

If developing yourself and your craft is important to you then join the team and I either on one of our Open Days, online webinars or visit me at the SWPP Digital Roadshows in Widnes and Solihull ~ we are sharing our insightful thoughts on blogging and how best to improve your approach to business, marketing and blogging.


Words by Catherine Connor

Image by Jenny Heyworth Photography

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Fine Art Workshop and Little Rascals ~ the inspiration behind the educational post.

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