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Support for your future

What is Transition?

Transition has been designed uniquely for those who have completed the Bespoke training programme.  

Bespoke gives you a year of training and support equipping you to run your own successful photographic business. However, we know that putting all these ideas into practice is not always easy, and there are likely to be plenty of ups and downs once you take your new business out into the world. Every photographer needs a different level of support - that's why we formed Transition.

Transition Support

As a Transition member we ensure that once you have flown the nest, you are not alone.  You will continue to get email support, brand building advice, marketing campaign guidance and price guide evaluation – they are all part of the comprehensive support you’ll receive from Catherine Connor and Jane Breakell.

Transition Seminars

Transition incorporates three complimentary seminars throughout the year to keep you motivated and your business going in the right direction.


A Viewpoint with... Ken McKay and Neil Genower, Mark Lenik and Rachel Mallett
19th November 2010

A Viewpoint with... TBC
11th March 2011

A Viewpoint with... TBC
11th July 2011

A Viewpoint with... TBC
18th November 2011