Bespoke Programme success story - James Bignell

James Bignell

James was employed as a builder in his father's building firm when he saw an article on Annabel Williams in Professional Photographer magazine. Having given up a job as a still life photographer after 15 years, he was looking for a new career.

Seeing the article made me realise that I had a passion for shooting people and I'd been doing the wrong job! It was so exciting to discover that I would be able to make a career out of something I enjoyed so much."

"I continued to work as a builder whilst I was on the course, as I wanted to give myself time to develop my own style, and get the business organised so that when I actually went out to shoot real people I would have the confidence to come up with the goods!"

"I was totally over the moon when my very first paying client wanted all the pictures."

"This obviously gave me the confidence to know that I could do it, and I've never looked back. I now have some very high profile clients; and I've done a children's fashion shoot in Portugal."

"Annabel and Catherine taught me to follow my passion; before that I was just drifting. It gave me the direction and grounding I needed, and I'm sure that with their advice I've made a lot less mistakes than I would have done on my own. They make you get out there and try it and then support you when you do!"