Bespoke Programme success story - Brett Harkness

Brett Harkness

From a background in cruise ship photography Brett Harkness started covering weddings shooting only 2 rolls of film and charging £150. His standard shots were a million miles away from the documentary style travel photography that was his true inspiration. Now his average wedding nets between £3000 and £6000 and he is taking the pictures he wants to take and working with clients who really appreciate his product.

"When we first went to Annabel Williams I really dithered over the cost, but I have to say it is without doubt the best money I've ever spent. It has saved me years of making mistakes, giving me the direction and the confidence to get where I wanted to be in only 12 months. We have now got the life I dreamed of when I did my photography degree and have moved into a new studio with a gallery that allows me to exhibit my personal travel and commercial work. We have managed to do all this in a way which now allows me to take the pictures I want to take."