Bespoke Programme success story - Stuart Cooper

Stuart Cooper

Both myself and my partner Anna are from creative backgrounds.  We had a photography business already set up but like many photographers, were putting lots of work in and not reaping the benefits we hoped to.

When we heard about the Bespoke Programme we decided to come along to the complimentary Insight Day quite adamant that we weren’t going to join!  After attending Insight we realised there was no way for us to achieve our goals WITHOUT doing Bespoke!  We signed up on our way home driving down the M6.

Bespoke transformed our photography career.  It taught us about business networking, pricing, brand, value in what we do and much more.  What we loved about Bespoke was meeting so many others in the industry, our network of photographers is so supportive and we not only keep in touch with our Bespoke group but with many other people who have done Bespoke over the years.  We share ideas, offer each other advice, support and meet up regularly at photography events.  In addition to this I am still a CPT client and make sure I still get my regular ‘fix’.

We had many challenges through the year of Bespoke, we were creating this new business, moved house and Anna became pregnant, so the journey was not easy, but I can honestly say that joining Bespoke has been one of our best decisions for our future. 

We are now running the business as we wanted it to be, charging prices that match our level of service and product quality, I achieved the Annabel Williams Wedding Album category winner in the 2007 awards and I am now a seminar speaker for Contemporary Photographic Training so regularly at the Annabel Williams Studio.