Bespoke Programme success story - Lesley Wood

Lesley Wood

Although my previous career was as a Biologist, I had a burning passion for photography and managed to integrate it into my work, grabbing any and every opportunity to take pictures of the interesting insects I worked with! I entered many of my images into international competitions and over the years, I won several awards for my photographs.

In 2006, I took advantage of a £1000 training grant and used it to undertake extensive technical training. On one of the courses, I was given a recommendation for Annabel Williams that led me to book on to the complimentary Insight Day to find out more.  Suffice to say, I committed to the Bespoke Course before the day had finished! I joined Course 25 in February 2007 and looking back, I have no regrets whatsoever. Although it was a sizeable investment in time and money, it has without doubt been worth every single penny.

Since doing the Bespoke Course, I have achieved so much in my career as a professional photographer.  I keep my seminar notes next to my desk and refer to them regularly, and still have the voices of Jane and Catherine in my head, guiding me and advising me on what to do – and what not to do!  Through much hard work and the knowledge, guidance and support that the Bespoke Course gave me, I am proud to have developed a high quality, profitable business that I love. I’m so excited because the best is undoubtedly still yet to come!

UK Pet Photographer of the Year 2009

Photographer for the UK Kennel of the Year 2009

SWPP Gold Award Winner

SWPP Speaker in 2010

Fine Art photography contract with worldwide London publisher