Bespoke Programme success story - Kay Young

Kay Young

After leaving college I  followed  a career as a make up artist, but had always had a very serious hobby in photography. I used to attend camera clubs and did various college courses, and although it taught me the technical aspect of photography I felt that I was not brave enough to develop the creative side.

I then spent several years while also having my own family,  photographing friends weddings and their families but not earning any money. One day i picked up a copy of Eve magazine and read an article about Annabel Williams and the courses they run at the studio. I immediately booked myself on a one day seminar and from then on i realised that if i really wanted to be serious about having a photography business then i really needed the expert help from Annabel, Catherine and Jane that the Bespoke programme offers.

Since joining Bespoke i have not looked back.  I have to say that not only did i leave with a wealth of knowledge which ranged from fantastic marketing ideas to brilliant sales techniques. I also now have the confidence to go out into the very competitive market and offer a unique high end service and make a great living from doing something which i absolutely love.