Bespoke Programme success story - Ian & Emma Cummings

Ian & Emma Cummings

We were photographers on a cruise ship, and although we enjoyed the life, our true desire was to set up our own photography business.

We heard about Bespoke through Brett and Kristie Harkness who had worked with us on the ships, and had just completed the programme.  They praised the Bespoke Programme so highly that we decided to find out more.  We dipped our toe in the water and booked onto the Realise Your Potential seminar.  We loved the experience and came away fired up, full of motivation and ready to ‘get up and do it’ – so we did!

We were very fortunate when we booked on Bespoke as the money saved from working on the cruise ships allowed us to work on building our photography business full time. Bespoke acted as a great fast track way of having our own successful photography business and making sure we did all the right things.

Bespoke really helped us particularly on the business side as we already had a good knowledge on the photography side.  The modules were staggered so that our learning was progressive, giving us a clear vision of what was next and keeping us on track and motivated.  It gave us brand direction, helped build our industry contacts, pitch ourselves to the right markets and taught us how to best work within that market. 

We love what we are doing and feel delighted with our success, our commercial work has really taken off, we are the ‘panel experts’ on a Questions and Answers column in a wedding photography magazine and we are now embarking on overseas weddings which is extremely exciting! The training, feedback and support throughout the Bespoke Programme, combined with a lot of hard work, has helped us get there we are today.