Confidence Workshop - photographic training in the UK

Confidence Workshop

25 October 2010 to
25 October 2010

£150 + VAT

Speakers: Lisa Aldersley

Course content day 1

• photographing detail

Photographic course overview...

Is a lack of confidence holding you back? ‘I don’t think I’m good enough’ or ‘I can’t charge that!’ – sound familiar?  You are and you can, and this seminar has been designed to make you realise it!

day 1

Speakers: Lisa Aldersley

The most common barrier to success and happiness that we see at CPT is a lack confidence.  You love photography and you want to want to pursue your passion for it whether for pleasure or business but there is this nagging, frustrating self-doubt which keeps getting in the way!

During this workshop Lisa will share with you the secrets to her confidence as a photographer and you will be given the opportunity to go out and play with you camera, to indulge your creativity, to see that you don’t need to know everything to be extraordinary, in fact, it is sometimes better if you don’t!  And yes, that you can do it!

Believe in yourself…  because you’re worth it!

you will learn and discover...

That you don’t have to know everything to be a good photographer!
That you don’t need a suitcase full of equipment to capture stunning images
What you like in photography and what you don’t and that that is okay!
How to shoot anything, anytime, any weather, anywhere
That photography is and should be, fun!
How to keep an open mind
How to ignore the critics