Photoshop For Beginners - photographic training in the UK

Photoshop For Beginners

21 September 2010 to
21 September 2010

£150 + VAT

Speakers: Dave Wall

Course content day 1

• digital workflow

Photographic course overview...

Learn how to transform everyday photographs into stunning images with even the most basic of Photoshop tools and techniques – simple, easy, effective!


what you will need...

A VERY basic understanding of Photoshop.

The course will be run in Photoshop CS3 but every technique covered will work in CS2 or CS4 in exactly the same way.  


day 1

Speakers: Dave Wall

Taught by a multi award winning photographer with over twenty years of experience, learn the basics of Photoshop from a photographer’s perspective.  All techniques are shown in a non-destructive manner, i.e. all techniques are reversible, which ensures accuracy, speed and most importantly… repetition.  Post-production can be simple and effective as well as fun!  We’ll show you how!


you will learn and discover...

Set up Photoshop “The Wall Way” for accurate colour and density of images
Discover the awesome power of Layers, the most productive way of working within Photoshop and a must for a non-destructive workflow
Master techniques such as head swapping (perfect for those blinkers in wedding group shots
Work with the heal, clone and patch tools in a cost effective and timesaving manner
Levels Vs Curves – The benefits of each
Safe auto settings – Customise your commands for a simple automated workflow
Crop your images to the required sizes and resolutions – Dave’s cropping bible to ensure consistent results
File formats - What to use and when
Perfect, easy black and white
Seriously simple sepia and other tones?
Dave’s Image Pop - Make your images "POP" off the page with this 2-second trick!