Fine Art Weddings - photographic training in the UK

Fine Art Weddings

26 October 2010 to
26 October 2010

£295 + VAT

Speakers: Stuart Cooper

Course content day 1

• digital enhancement
• digital workflow
• wedding photography

Photographic course overview...

With wedding photography becoming ever more competitive it is important to have images in your portfolio that stand out from the crowd.  This seminar is about turning your portraits of the bride and groom into stunning pieces of art to really spark the imagination of your clients!


day 1

Speakers: Stuart Cooper

Lighting is a key factor when shooting wedding images with artistic post-production in mind.  During the first part of this seminar you will learn how to combine the natural light available to you with the right lens choice to create drama in your composition of the bride and groom. 

Following this our trainer will guide you through a shoot focused primarily on the bride and groom where he will demonstrate how client direction and effective location selection can be used to produce the most stunning results.  You will have the opportunity to put your newfound artistic expression into practice capturing images for your reference.

In the afternoon session of the seminar you will discover how to take your wedding images to the next level using Photoshop.  You will leave with both the skills to creating outstanding images, location, posing, direction, and the ability to transform these images into museum-quality art fit for any wall, images that define us as both photographers and artists!



you will learn and discover...

•    The types of location and background to use when shooting a fine art wedding image
•    How to assess the quality of natural light
•    Techniques for creating drama with clever use of natural light, shadows and reflections
•    Artistic composition of the bride and groom
•    How to use Photoshop to manipulate and enhance your images with artistic flair!
•    A set of Cooper Photography actions