The A To Z Of Photography And Business - photographic training in the UK

The A To Z Of Photography And Business

02 November 2010 to
05 November 2010

£895 + VAT

Speakers: Catherine Connor, Jane Breakell, Stewart Randall, Tamara Peel

Course content day 1

• business acumen
• business development
• business structure
• financial management
• marketing

Course content day 2

• lifestyle photography
photographic technique
photographing children
photographing families

Course content day 3

• digital enhancement
digital workflow

Course content day 4

• business acumen

Photographic course overview...

This seminar provides an insight into all that you need to know with regard to running a successful photography business and how to position that business on the industry map at speed. If you have no time for mistakes and are determined to take a place in the photographic lifestyle market, this is the seminar for you. In four days of intensive training you will cover areas including brand building, operations, photography, digital workflow, sales tools, to name but a few. You will learn how to attract the right clients and create a complete photographic experience to remember from the first point of contact to the image viewing. Whether you are at the start of a new career or looking to re invent your current business The A to Z of Photography and Business will put you on the right road. You will leave with more than an education. You will leave with the answers that you have been searching for, the questions that you should be pondering and a team of life long, like-minded friends.




day 1

Speakers: Catherine Connor, Jane Breakell, Richard Hallsworth

Catherine Connor has influenced and launched some of the most successful businesses in the photographic industry. One of the most important aspects of every business is its basic foundation. During day 1 she will explore how to set up the infrastructure of a business in order to build on it successfully. Marketing is a fundamental part of this infrastructure. Formidable knowledge, boundless energy and infectious enthusiasm characterise everything Catherine does - she will leave you brimming with ideas, open your mind to opportunities and offer creative solutions that your business will hit the ground running.


you will learn and discover...

How to turn your business concept into a viable reality
The skills that you need to run a successful business
The tasks that should be performed during the start-up process and the order in which to perform them
How to identify and reach your target market
The value of the brand
The marketing campaigns that work
What marketing opportunities are available to your business
How to network successfully


day 2

Speakers: Tamara Peel

You will work alongside the trainer shooting on location and discover their individual approach to photographing children and families. You will learn the best way to direct a shoot under varying light and weather conditions, as well as useful techniques such as cropping images using your camera and working with different backgrounds. Day 2 will both liberate your photographic viewpoint and instil confidence, giving you the practical experience to build a photographic session that will result in a successful approach to working with both younger children who do not respond to direction, older children who do, and parents. You will identify how to keep control of a shoot, guiding your subjects through each stage while maximising their enjoyment of the experience. At the same time, you can capture pictures for reference afterwards.


you will learn and discover...

How to plan, organise and navigate a shoot
How to work on location in all weathers
What to consider when selecting backgrounds
How to work with the client’s wardrobe
How to work successfully with natural light
Effective camera angle and cropping techniques
How to have fun and let the shoot unfold naturally
How to capture key moments and expressions
How to develop your own approach and style
How to communicate with and get the best out of clients of all ages


day 3

Speakers: Stewart Randall

Digital capture and workflow plays an integral role in today’s photography. Day 3 is dedicated to digital photography and all there is to learn about photographic perfection. If you have found yourself trapped for unwanted hours by the laptop with Photoshop or Lightroom, or are a complete digital workflow virgin and don’t know where to start, we will provide you with tried and tested techniques to save your time, money and sanity! You will travel through the digital capture and workflow process step by step hand in hand with the trainer. Beginning with a photographic shoot exploring how to work digitally on location, you will discover the skills to effective composition, client direction and utilisation of natural light right through to the final print out of the image further to its digital enhancement. Again, shooting alongside the trainer to capture images for your own portfolio you will gain an insight into how they work with clients on location. This photographic workshop will leave you inspired and packed with fresh ideas.


you will learn and discover...

The necessary photographic vision to enable effective digital enhancement of the final image
Client composition and direction
How to create flattering light
How to create the client experience
How to capitalise on the equipment you have
How to work with Photoshop and Lightroom
How to make your images come alive
Production and workflow methods that work


day 4

Speakers: Catherine Connor, Jane Breakell

Successful sales performance is one of the cornerstones of every business, but must go hand-in-hand with exceptional client care. Day 4 of this seminar is about finding the delicate balance between giving your clients freedom of choice and making them realise that they can’t live without the images that you have created. Jane passionately believes in product presentation and client care. She will explore the essential concept of 'shooting to sell', how to capture stunning images whilst always providing a captivating and memorable photographic experience for all involved, along with the sales tools to use to present these images in the most compelling fashion. Shooting to sell allows the sales process to become a subtle, natural extension of the shoot itself, giving you the belief in your product to sell with confidence based on a fantastic and trusting relationship with your clients.


you will learn and discover...

How to sell from the first point of contact
How to prepare for every shoot and not “wing it”
How do devise a price guide that you believe in
How to manage the sales process
How to make the sales experience memorable
The secrets of perfect client aftercare
The concept of ‘shoot to sell’
The essential tools of success
How to manage the sales process
Effective sales tools Retail resources




Excellent as ever. Brilliant speakers, brilliant staff, inspirational as ever.
Neil Matthews
discovery graduate
Excellent teachers, all have inspired in different ways. This experience has not changed my business but revolutionised it. My brand, my approach, my photography, my drive, has reached new heights. All excellent timing for me, ahead of being a mum and establishing a sound and respected business. I will keep Aspire in mind for years to come and I know I can't fail.
Charlotte Broster
discovery graduate