Winter Portraits - photographic training in the UK

Winter Portraits

10 November 2010 to
10 November 2010

£250 + VAT

Speakers: Jo Hansford

Course content day 1

• photographic technique
• photographing children
• photographing couples

Photographic course overview...

The stark, almost delicate appearance of trees and bushes that have lost their leaves coupled with bursts of vibrant colour from the evergreens and the occasional splash of red and orange against an otherwise monochromatic landscape, there are countless reasons to take pictures in winter but if you have heard the horror stories about white-balance or foggy lenses you may understandably be less than enthusiastic! Winter Portraits will show you how to navigate through the pitfalls of shooting during the winter months to leave you with the most stunning, magical images that can only be captured with the backgrounds that this season provides.

day 1

Speakers: Jo Hansford

From crystal clear bright blue winter skies to sheets of dull, grey cloud, is it so easy to under or overexpose a shot.  You will learn how to avoid this and use both the weather and lighting conditions of the season to your advantage via effective composition, shooting at angles and carefully selected locations.

During the course of the seminar you will experience shoots with both children and a couple where, alongside our trainers, you will see the endless array of images that can be fashioned when brightly coloured accessories are added to contrast with the more monotone winter backgrounds, how moody grey sky’s (it is Cumbria, there are bound to be some!) can be used to create drama in your imagery and how to avoid equipment malfunction in the cold weather conditions.

When it does break through the clouds and you know how to use it appropriately, the light during winter can actually be preferable to that of the summer as it is warmer and comes in at a lower angle.  You will discover how to utilize this gentle sunlight to illuminate your subjects much more pleasingly and how it can add texture, depth and even life to your images through shadow.

So be brave, dress warmly and head to the Lake District where a whole new world of winter photography awaits you!

you will learn and discover...

How to work with low light and shadow

How to shoot in poor weather conditions

Using props and accessories to create contrast

Location selection to suit your subject, the available light and weather conditions

Equipment care in cold weather


Fantastic course. Everything explained so well and made what I thought so difficult seem so much more straight forward, showing us how to make ordinary situations look amazing.

Thank you!
Sarah Collison
discovery graduate
Inspirational, a learning curve achieved. Definitely worthwhile doing. Just want to practice more and more now to create those shots.
Louise Hanlon
discovery graduate