Excitedly waiting for the life lessons and learns from day two of the Stylist Live Convention - if today brings me the gems that I received from day one then my life will be full! The day did not disappoint! The whole team skipped away from the convention packed with new ideas, inspiration and mindful of all that was heard. Never under estimate the sheer power of education, and the impact that creativity can have on how productive and effective you are. I could hardly sleep with the delights of the day, travelling through my mind. Davina McCall was particularly impressive, her suggestions and advice will stay with me, until I curl my toes and say Hi to heaven!


Lessons of life - the Davina way


  1. Learn from your mistakes, don’t repeat them just learn from them. Then dust yourself down and move on!


  1. Being judgmental is poison to the soul, judging others badly only makes you feel rotten. It’s pointless; shower you world with kindness not criticism


  1. Create a gratitude diary and make entries each day about everything that you are grateful for - reminding yourself of the goodness that surrounds you, this is a positive act, which will rest easy in the mind. An Ideal activity for bedtime, change your sleep time habits and introduce a little grateful thought, it will create a more restful sleep. The perfect preparation for the next day.


  1. Don’t ‘over think’ life, have a ‘just do it’ attitude; too many people over think too many situations. This may generate lack of achievement.


  1. Surround yourself with contributors; people you can support and people that will support you. Join a group that brings you growth, kindness and development. Groups which will have a positive impact on your development. Women can be incredibly supportive (Be in a female gang boys – We will look after you!)


  1. Remove the guilt, all the stuff you feel bad about whether it’s over drinking, over eating, under exercising not doing the right thing for you and others. That’s me, over eating, over drinking, not exercising enough - each day I think I can do better, so perhaps I should think less and do more! That’s commitment.


  1. Do your best to make a difference. It doesn’t have to be a big deal -one small thing can make a remarkable impact on others.


  1. Be yourself, you are OK! The best offering you have for your lifestyle and business is your offering.


  1. Make time for what is important, start with your family and dearest friends.


  1. Feeling healthy will make all the difference to how you approach life: take a glance at Davina’s new book: ‘Davina’s 5 Weeks to Sugar-Free’. It could just be the secret to your success!


Life is certainly here for all to live happily within, when I created Aspire Photography Training, I created the business based around my values - a happy ship, packed with creativity, all that we do has to feel stylish, and be fun and educational. Learning and development are what the whole Aspire team are all about.


If you have been inspired by what we do and the impact we have had on your development please, with a big heart vote for Aspire and friends, One Vision, an incredible professional photography lab and Zenfolio for their accessible websites platforms and for sure a vote for Aspire for our training and best customer service.

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