Do you ever feel your confidence is holding you back? I mentor many in business so I am bringing a wealth of understanding and knowledge to this post with a motive as always, to support you, my reader. I have made it my quest to really get to know those we train and develop, whether its through our courses and workshop or from all the rabblings of the weekly blog posts. Creative people have much in common - with wobbles in self confidence being a biggie and if you are not careful and don’t take it in hand it may start to hold you back. This one significant word can often trip you up. It is a word that can have a major impact on growth and development.

Being in business can be a real rollercoaster of emotions, with great ups and downs which all need managing carefully. Make it your new mantra to care for yourself in a more considered way.  The secret is to take control, start to master all that may be having a negative influence on your confidence and mojo.  Its about abandoning the stuff that is holding you back, give time to what reduces your levels of confidence whether it’s specific people, certain situations or even yourself comparing your business to others that you may admire which many photographers can be guilty of as they start their career.  This tends not to serve you well, be watchful of comparisons - somebody’s fifth year in business is not your first year in business and so on.  I am a great believer in abandoning the negative influencers, the elements that stifle your development and perhaps therefore your happiness too.

Find your hooks, the hooks to actually hang your confidence from. Its about reflecting more on the good stuff, what’s currently within your life alongside what currently surrounds your life. I personally practice the ‘gratitude’ method as it’s far more liberating.  The mindset of a creative is and will always be very delicate, it’s not about being precious it’s about running a more considered life, taking control and striding away from what’s holding you back - it’s about giving yourself the courage and permission to do so

Confidence enhancers can be:

Change of scene

Inspiring or positive people

A good book that feeds your soul

Exercise and well being – nourish you

Picking up your camera far more- just for fun!

Writing a gratitude diary

Learning something new

A jolly good old fashioned treat – you choose

Nurture and nourish yourself consistently, don’t wait till you hit the pit, surround yourself with the aspects of life that can only but have a positive impact on you. I often say ” Design your ideal world’ then live within it, select what you would like within the landscape of your life may be this is the time to create a few new rules too.

All the best, Catherine x

Image by Jenny Heyworth Photography


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