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9th May 2012

1 day photography course £150 + VAT

with Nigel Burton

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Landscape Photography
New Horizons - Getting started with Landscape Photography

This course will teach you...

  • How to see the world around you through the photographer's eye
  • The secrets of compelling composition
  • How to photograph buildings effectively
  • How to maximise the available light and subject matter
  • The best way to use your camera's controls
  • When and when not to use a tripod
  • How to take stunning shots as you travel
  • Creative post-production techniques in Lightroom
  • The best way to start selling your images

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What's the key to great landscape photography, capturing the beauty of your surroundings and telling a story with stunning imagery? On this inspiring landscape photography course, acclaimed travel photographer Nige Burton will reveal the secrets behind turning any kind of landscape into amazing photography. The day begins with an overview of how you can use your camera's settings to inject excitement, intrigue and dynamism into even the most mundane of environments. You'll also gain an understanding of how to use the available light, when to use a tripod, what the golden hour is, and much more.

You'll then embark on a practical photography shoot where you'll put your new-found knowledge into practice. Under Nige's expert guidance, you'll discover the best way to photograph buildings, choose a great subject, and frame a shot more creatively – an essential skill in this area of photography. Back at the Aspire studio, you'll enjoy advice on how to use Lightroom to perfection, bringing out the best in the images you've just captured. Finally, Nige will impart seasoned advice on how to go about selling your pictures, and how to make the most of your travels with your camera.

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quote openI recommend this course to anyone, not just those interested in landscapes as the details learned today will benefit our business in many ways.Quote closed

Darren McKean

Landscape Photography

Landscape photography courses to change your point of view

Landscape photography courses at Aspire give you the specialist skills you need to create stunning images of your surroundings. Our passionate landscape photography course trainers will show you how to get the best out of your environment, from lighting and location to composition and post-production. We've created landscape photography courses that are exciting and inspirational, with the technical details laid bare so you can start creating beautiful landscape photography in ways you never thought possible.

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