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12th June 2015

1 day business mentoring and coaching session £300 + vat

with Catherine Connor

16th September 2015

1 day business mentoring and coaching session £300 + vat

with Catherine Connor based in London

15th December 2015

1 day business mentoring and coaching session £300 + vat

with Catherine Connor

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Business & Marketing
The Business Retreat - an audience with Catherine Connor

This course will teach you...

  • Ways to revitalise an established business
  • How to put YOU back into your business
  • What your business values really are
  • Ways to evaluate your current business status...
  • ... and ways to implement the changes you need
  • How to combine your business vision with new ambitions
  • Methods to restore your mojo
  • Techniques to make your business more rewarding
  • Ways to ensure you stride forward, never backward
  • That you’re always the one in charge!

Proficiency Level: 3 (on a scale of 1-4)

Photography business course snapshot

This one-day photography retreat is a training day with a difference. Designed for photographers who have already experienced the ups and downs of business life, it’s a chance to take time out and engage in some reevaluation, reinvention, and perhaps a little revolution too.

Aspire’s Business Retreats are held in inspirational locations chosen according to the season, and are limited to 8 delegates per course to ensure an intimate, intensive and thoroughly rewarding day. From cosy firesides in the winter to colourful beach huts in the summer, these are business retreats with a genuine difference.

Known throughout the photography industry for her business energy, expertise and insight, Catherine Connor will work with you to give you a new perspective on your business. If you crave something new - whether that’s a new direction, a stronger sense of the future, or you simply need to get your mojo back - then this course will exceed all of your expectations.

Chances are you understand the reality of running a business, and have spent plenty of time and energy meeting its many demands; this course will explore the path that has brought you this far, and give you time to think about where you are now, as well as where you want to be. Catherine will look at your business through her all-seeing Business Goggles, and will challenge your preconceptions about the way you’re doing things. By looking at things from a fresh angle, you’ll be able to refine your vision and see new opportunities for future growth.

The insight you’ll gain on the Business Retreat is invaluable. Away from the everyday grind of your computer and phone, you’ll discover a welcome clarity, a fresh vigour and confidence in your ability to find solutions to all your business obstacles. One business increased revenues by 8% after reworking the images on articles,,, and A determination to change is the first step; throughout the course of this day you’ll make practical plans and decisions, and reaffirm your drive to lead your business with gusto. It’s sure to be an emotional day too, as you let go of some of your previous ideas and embrace the new ideas that open up to you. The process might be challenging in itself, but the rewards will be immense.

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Business & Marketing

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