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Photographing Men
Man About Town – How to photograph men

This course will teach you...

  • How to photograph men
  • Techniques to make your subject feel comfortable and confident
  • How to turn a man into a model
  • The importance of light, wardrobe and location
  • How to keep you and your subject relaxed
  • How to make the shoot fun and get the best results

Photography course snapshot

Making men look good in photographs is a skill which requires more than a little know how and experience. In many ways, it can be more challenging than a female shoot, as often the subject feels awkward and uncomfortable and most definitely out of the male, fuzzy blanket comfort zone.

Done with sensitivity and creativity, it’s an essential string to your bow and can generate some truly stunning results whether for fashion or portraiture. We’ll show you how to dress your models, where to stage the shoot and how to light it to perfection. This one’s a must.

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quote openAbsolutely mind-blowing! I'm exhausted in mind and body but it's worth it and I'll definitely do it again given the chance. Thank you for sharing your wealth of information!Quote closed

Jade Tinkler

Photographing Men

Photographing men
in a whole new way

Capturing exciting, expressive images of men requires a unique set of skills; on this course, we'll show you that photographing men can be more diverse and interesting than you'd expect. You'll learn about lighting, composition, and the best way to make your client feel confident and comfortable in front of the lens. Whether you do it professionally or as a hobby, the right approach to photographing men can provide your client with a fantastic photographic experience, and you with a wonderful new set of images for your portfolio. At Aspire we believe that photographing men of any age doesn't have to be daunting or mundane – indeed, it's an essential skill for any photographer.

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