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Photographing Women
Womans Hour - How to make women look beautiful

This course will teach you...

  • How to create a photographic experience for your subject
  • How to build a trusting relationship with your subject
  • The latest in fashion and photographic trends and how to make them work for you
  • How to style a shoot, including clothing, hair, make-up, accessories, props and backgrounds
  • How to compose, position and direct women
  • How to use natural light for the most flattering looks
  • How to develop your own approach to photographing women

Photography course snapshot

If she KNEW what she wanted, you’d be giving it to her. Well now you can; photographing women beautifully can be a fickle business and can go spectacularly wrong if you don’t possess that elusive, intuitive instinct that makes a woman feel a million dollars. This very special course will unveil the mysteries of the female world (well, the ones we’re prepared to reveal) and aims to free you from the mercy and the vagaries of girls’ fashion and trends. If you’re going to cut it in this tough world, you’re going to have to know what you’re doing!

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quote openWow, what a fantastic time, lots and lots of sound information and advice to take on board and digest. Looking forward to taking on the world!Quote closed

Dee Clarke

Photographing Women

The secrets of photographing women
revealed by the experts

Photographing women requires a carefully honed set of skills, a keen instinct for the right shot, and a passion for customer service. Aspire's female photography courses provide world-class tuition on how to photograph women beautifully. You'll learn the art of photographing women in different settings, under different types of light, and with a view to creating a diverse set of images for your portfolio. Our experts in female photography will reveal the many ways to photograph women at their most natural and beautiful, without compromising the flow of the shoot or your own creative instincts. You'll leave our female photography course with an invaluable new insight into how to photograph women in today's market - and as this area goes from strength to strength in terms of popularity, you really can't afford not to have these skills.

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