Why Photographing Women Beautifully Matters…

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Today we have another snippet from Catherine Connor’s interview with our new “Boudoir and Women Before Noon” trainer, Teri Cunningham.



Why does photographing women beautifully matter to you so much? 

All women deserve to feel beautiful, sexy and confident in the skin they are in. I truly believe that each and every woman should feel “Body Confident” no matter their shape or size, but as I have said before, with the pressures of day to day life and the media being saturated with images of what the “Perfect body” should look like it can be hard to generate or even keep this view of yourself.

Sometimes, even if our nearest and dearest tell us that we are beautiful, sexy and stunning, we don’t believe them…”You have to say that.” is often the response. So sometimes a mirror or in this case a camera needs to be held up in front of us to show us exactly who we are.

Images speak a thousand words and I have the ability to create those images that highlight the strength, femininity and inner goddess of a woman. This is why photographing a woman in a way that reflects her inner and outer beauty is so important to me. I feel so strongly about how a woman should feel about herself because to love life, we must first love ourselves. If I can make just a handful of women feel like the most beautiful person in the world, even for just a moment that for me, makes me a happy woman.




Teri x




Our new course ‘Boudoir and Women Before Noon” is running on 7th October 2015.

Call the office on 01524 782211 or email enquiries@aspirecpt.co.uk for more information

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