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This week at Aspire Photography Training we have really embraced the current season.  This article may be useful for those of you looking for inspiration for our #5daymarketingchallenge.  Yesterday our winter wedding styled shoot certainly did not fail to impress!  In collaboration with the super talented Emma from Tebbey & Co and our own fabulous in house stylist Yasmin we had a great day with a group of lovely photographers.


We shot thick hot chocolate bursting with marshmallows, berry crowns, rustic firewood, smoke machines, sparkling NOEL lights, the BIG STAR from Typical Type, stunning winter brides, flower girls, snuggly blankets and snow, yes SNOW!

All the excitement and festive vibes inspired me to think about the opportunities and conversation surrounding styled shoots for photographers …

Build your portfolio - whether you are a professional photographer or new photographer to the industry a styled shoot can be hugely beneficial for you and your business.  For professionals a styled shoot is an opportunity for you to take back a day for YOU, get some seasonal imagery ready to market the season ahead and more importantly get those creative juices flowing!  For those of you who are new to the industry a styled shoot is a unique opportunity for you to try something different, build your confidence, practise new skills and pack your portfolio with stunning images that stand out from the crowd ready for your website and marketing material.


Networking - if you are thinking of creating your own project at home a styled shoot is a great opportunity for you to work with chosen like minded local suppliers such as; hairdressers, makeup artists, florists, designers, stylists and local food suppliers. This is an ideal marketing mission for you and your business to spread awareness and meet new clients.  Ensure that you use local suppliers that inspire you and see if they want to get involved in exchange for beautiful photography to market their own businesses too.


Showcase your skills - a styled shoot gives you tonnes of creative freedom to try out new ideas and really showcase your skills as a photographer.  A styled shoot can be taken in any direction so it is so easy to create something that represents your brand. My advice here would be to choose a theme that genuinely inspires you.  When you have created images that represent your vision and values as a photographer these images should not only be used to market your business but will also be sure to attract like minded clients who are more likely to appreciate your work and value your craft.


Keep It Simple - A styled shoot doesn’t need to be complicated, infact quite the opposite.  The simpler the better.  Give yourself plenty of time for the planing and organisation phase.  The planning phase is so important because if you get this right everything else will fall into place.  I am naturally an organised person so I actually find this stage really fun.  If you’re not the most organised person I promise this stage can be really liberating, particulary though tools of choice such as Pinterest!


I hope this first post has got you thinking about styled shoots and how they can benefit you and your business.  I want to hear those creative cogs turning!  Next time I will be exploring, step by step, how to organise and execute a styled shoot from start to finish, giving you hints and tips along the way.


Good luck and I can’t wait to hear how you all get along.  If your not quite brave enough to try your own styled shoot come and see the magic happen for yourselves at one of the Aspire wedding styled shoots or childhood styled shoots here in Cumbria.


You won’t be disappointed!


Good Luck!  Jen x


Image by Jenny Heyworth Photography 

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