New Year Resolutions

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At the the beginning of a New Year, it’s time to reflect and ponder – what shape are your dreams taking and have you made your new year’s resolutions? Over the years, I have made many and wow do they vary!


What is interesting about designing your resolutions is that they tend to reflect your current state of mind and viewpoint. The fact is, they generally unfold where your head and heart are at the moment as they are all about optimism for the future and changes you want to make.


As I write mine, I write them with the outcome in mind - One is to be fit – and I am a great believer in visualisation and creating my own luck!


As I enter a new year, I start with a new vision board and a fresh set of goals, some may be similar to previous years, some brand new. Creating a fresh vision board is vastly important for my motivation and clarity of mind. As an avid dreamer and believer, my board is very varied from things that will affect my health and well being - get fit and loose a stone - through to a new bathroom at home and then obviously many goals for the business. The board covers the whole territory of my life and what matters most to me. Ambition is an ugly word to some, not to me. Ambition gives me a platform to operate from, and a reason to live out of my comfort zone.  As you design your goals, live a little out of your comfort zone make sure your goals are stretching you, don’t settle for anything less than the best for you and your family.


If you’re unsure where to start, join us on our complimentary webinar -  Creating your Best Year Yet. It’s certainly designed to leave you inspired, focussed and determined for the year ahead.


Some of my personal resolutions …….

Comfortably climb Helvellyn with Aidan (before Easter!)

Lose a stone, (less to carry up my mountain)

Swim twice a week with Jenny (treasured friendship time)

Spend more time with family and friends


One of my big themes is to be healthy – please feel free to share your ambitions too – What are your goals both personal and professional? I would love to hear them.


Happy New Year Aspirettes,



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Nichola Morton says:

5th January 2015 at 7:22 pm

Very true words Catherine! One of mine is to be more healthy too! You can do it! x


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