All creatives at some point find themselves stuck in a rut, having creative block, run out of steam - call it what you will, it’s not an easy place to be as a creative person. The trick is not to remain in this position for too long, be watchful of the early warning signs, as prevention is far nicer than the cure. Develop the habit of hunting for and gathering ideas from a variety of places - make this your routine. All creatives give, give, and give a little more, the nature of our job is a soulful, demanding one. We work in a very emotional marketplace, packed with sentiment and nostalgia, all of which can have a draining impact on morale and creativity. With this in mind be mindful of how much creative fuel you give away, showering others with your artistic craft.

Become more and more alert to what contributes to your spirit and what steals away your spirit too. The best person at knowing you is you! Become very familiar with what is right for you and wrong for you, creatives are very sensitive to space, environment, people and atmosphere we are wired differently, our wiring is what makes us the ” out of the box thinkers” that our clients admire. I am known for saying “we get paid a lot of money for our imagination”, your imagination needs protecting.

If you sense you’re about to head into the rut, evoke some excitement into your world by changing the landscape of your life a little, shake it up! Think about what’s contributing to your world, seek adventure for your eyes, soul and heart.

Exercise your eyes!

  1. Visit Pinterest
  2. Tap into Instagram
  3. Devour magazines
  4. Seek inspiration from YouTube
  5. Change your scene
  6. Visit art galleries
  7. Take a trip to unusual places
  8. Make styled shoots your seasonal routine ~ we do x
  9. Flick through your scrapbook

10.Surround yourself with positive people.

Don’t sabotage your own creative spirit, too many photographers underestimate themselves in this department, be kinder to yourself.  This will have a remarkable impact on the development of the business as all businesses need a passionate, positive creative at the helm. Give time to the development of you - nurture is the word I would like to select for you and on your behalf. Your taste and opinion will develop consistently if you follow my rules, you will cut an easier pathway for you to travel as a photographer. This liberation will ensure you always remain a little ‘rebel’ like within your business. We need a happy you, a you always on the hunt for an adventure and escape. Have you ever noticed how inspired you are in a different city, or country? We can’t travel everyday, yet we can adjust our daily landscape.

My rut rules

  1. Never chase the money!
  2. Never concentrate for too long on the dull stuff
  3. Never compare yourself with others
  4. Never stop seeking new experiences
  5. Never reduce your love for learning
  6. Always maintain your scrapbook
  7. Create landscape changes

If you crave more, you know you need to learn to master the development of you! Join the team and I at the Photography Show stand C51, alongside exploring in more detail how to get out of a rut, I will also be covering many more vital subjects designed to aid the development of all photographers from Work life Balance, Why Marketing Matters, How to Go Pro Through to Creating an Effective Portfolio, Social Media and An Insight into Food Photography ~ the list is long, and worth tapping into. (visit for more information) Take a peek we have a great line up of speakers from Jenny Heyworth from Aspire photography Training, Adam Scorey One Vision Imaging, Adam Edwards Zenfolio, Jenny Johnston 3XM through to Angela Nicholson Future Publishing. Not to be missed by any determined photographer

As so many know I have made it my business to support photographers, keep visiting us whether it’s at Aspire HQ, Online, London, or the Photography Show in Birmingham, the secret is not to be alone, stick with what’s good for you, make this blog your weekly fix and rut rescuer!

” Listen to the cravings of the artist ”

by Catherine Connor Aspire Photography Training.

Image by Jenny Heyworth Photography 


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